Dreamweaver CS6 – Easy CSS Navigation Menu

You guys have been asking me for the HTML / CSS used in this video. Here it is! Copy and paste the code into Dreamweaver and tweak the code as you need. Any version of Dreamweaver will work. Any questions please post and comment. Thanks! 🙂

OfferUp Fake Buyers

By now most of us have herd of OfferUp. A cool brand with a cool way to sell merchandise online. So I decided to try it. After signing up I posted 2 laptop ads. Both ads had 5 photos, a title and description. After 5 mins of posting I had buyers sending me offers. Cool right? Listen, I know my ads look good, but that was faster it should have been… I responded as soon as the low ball offers arrived, but no one responded to me. After an hour my inbox was full of spam from OfferUp’s fake buyer accounts. Must have been 20 fake buyers.

Beware of OfferUp!

Dreamweaver vs. WordPress

This post has the potential to be a monster. Instead, I thought I would just touch on this subject. Dreamweaver vs. WordPress? Even though I started out with Dreamweaver and notepad, I prefer WordPress, these days. I say “these days”, because the way we build websites have changed quite a bit since the 90’s. I started using Dreamweaver in the late 90’s. WordPress wasn’t around until 2003. When WordPress was released I decided to hop on board. Back then WordPress was not much of a website builder, it was a “Blog” builder. Many of us did not take WordPress serious as a “website” builder because of that. It wasn’t until 2010, I felt WordPress really began to take shape as a full blown website builder and not just a “Blog” builder. Today in 2017, WordPress has blossomed into one of the most popular website builders among professional web designers and marketing specialists globally. Why? Because WordPress is that good!

In 1997, Macromedia came out with Dreamweaver, then it was acquired by Adobe in 2005. To this day (4/2/17), I continue to use Dreamweaver for my much smaller projects. I find WordPress is easier for large scale dynamic functionality. Don’t get me wrong, for the right website project, Dreamweaver is perfect. When it comes to building websites, everyone has their flavor. With there being so many tools out there to build websites in 2017, I say start out on the easiest platform WordPress. As of 2017, it’s your best bet.

Note: It doesn’t matter which tools you decided to use for your next website project, just as long as you know how to be creative with those tools.