Google Web Designer

Is a free HTML5 development tool for creating web apps, sites and ads. Well of course, why wouldn’t Google want create a program that could help them make more money. It makes perfect sense. Make a great program that will help your employees make websites easier and faster, in turn Adsense revenue for both the Google and it’s Web Publishers.

If Google’s Web Designer program can really deliver, web publishers will create better more engaging content, faster and make more money.

Boom Mac Volume Booster Fix

For all of you Boom Mac Volume Booster users who have lost your sound in one speaker, headphone or both, I have the fix.

I've been using Boom Volume Booster for some time now. Used it on my Macbook Pro and now on my iMac. The other day I noticed the sound in the left speaker in my Sony MDR-7506 Professional Series headphones fading in and out. I thought it might be the Headphones, after all, they are 8 years old. Then I thought, maybe it's the microphone jack. Then I remembered, Boom is software that pushes your default sound to the outer limits. The Boom Mac Volume Booster program places kernel extensions & audio plugins in the system, according to the the support team at Global Delight.

The Fix: Uninstall Boom from your applications folder. Then reinstall the app by going into your trash can and selecting "Put Back". I'm sure after downloading fresh copy from the website and doing a fresh install would work too. If you are not familiar with Boom, definitely give it a try.


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I'm always looking for new ways to get work done faster, who isn't. I found a tool that could help; you create a more efficient workflow. Today I typed a hex code into Google web search and this is what came up - Played with it for about a month now, so far so good. Pretty cool site, add it to your favorites.

ColorHexa did not pay me nor am I an affiliate, I just like what they did.